Searching for Assets

You can search for assets by specifying search keywords with various characteristics, including labels and metadata, as query string parameters.

Note: For more information about Backlot REST API commands, see the Backlot API Reference.
The /v2/assets route has general querying capabilities, with the query string parameters where, include, includes and and (labels only), and more.
  • The query string parameter for sorting, orderby, has an optional argument: ascending or descending.

  • With the limit query string parameter, you can restrict the results to only a desired number of entries.

  • With the and operator you can search for intersections of labels; that is, for assets that have two or more different labels.

  1. To find assets that have a metadata field named speed with a value of bursty:
    [GET] /v2/assets?where=metadata.speed='bursty'&include=metadata
  2. To find assets that have the label Sports:
    [GET] /v2/assets?where=labels INCLUDES 'Sports'
  3. To find assets that have both the label Sports and the label Baseball:
    [GET] /v2/assets?where=labels INCLUDES 'Sports' AND labels INCLUDES 'Baseball'
  4. To find assets updated after a certain date/time:
    [GET] /v2/assets?where=updated_at>'2011-06-04T01:22:50Z'
  5. To sort with orderby and limit the results with limit:
    [GET] /v2/assets?where=description='Under the sea.' AND duration > 600&orderby=created_at descending&limit=5