Handling CAPTCHA Challenges from YouTube

You might be faced with a CAPTCHA challenge if you tried to create a YouTube syndications several times with a bad password.

To handle a CAPTCHA challenge:

  1. YouTube challenges you if your syndication requests have the wrong password. The response body when a CAPTCHA challenge is triggered looks similar to the following.
     "captcha": [
           "captcha_token": "6vKtzYIq85l-t",
           "captcha_url": "http://www.google.com/accounts/Captcha?ctoken=vd-jLZqn55i",
           "message": "Youtube returned a CAPTCHA challenge"

    The value of captcha_url is a link to the CAPTCHA image.

    You must the captcha_token name/value pair in the next request, along with one other field.

  2. Make your request again, but include the following two fields in the POST body:
    • captcha_token name/value pair you received in the response to the failed attempt to create the syndication
    • captcha_response property with the word represented by the CAPTCHA image as value