Replacing Content

Content replacement enables you to replace old content with new content. For example, you might have a video with technical issues or you might need to change your logo on multiple videos. Please contact Technical Support to enable this feature.

If the old asset and new asset are nearly identical, replacing content can save you time over deleting the old asset and uploading its replacement—you won't need to update labels, syndication settings, publishing rules, and so on. However, replacing content can affect analytics. For example, if you replace a 5 minute video with a 15 minute video, the average time watched becomes less meaningful and your engagement report will be inaccurate. Content replacement does not create a new movie profile. Instead, the system transcodes a new video file and links it to already existing asset the with same embed code.


Content replacement is intended primarily for use with video assets. If you want to replace content for remote assets or live streams (deprecated), simply change their settings.

If you are using the default preview images, they are automatically replaced. If you are using a custom preview image (uploaded or via remote URL), it continues to be associated with the new asset.

Note: Ooyala now provides a default Audio-Only Player in addition to the existing default Video Player. See the Audio-Only Player documentation section for more details on uploading content for audio-only or audio-primary playback and using the default Audio Player.

To replace content:

  1. Log in to the Backlot UI and open the MANAGE page.
  2. To only view specific asset types, select the asset type under CONTENT TYPES in the left pane.
  3. Select an asset.
  4. Click Replace Content. The Replace Content dialog box appears.
  5. Select a new asset.
  6. If the new asset is a VR 360 Video (see VR 360 Videos), select the VR 360 checkbox and select the type of content (Monoscopic or Stereoscopic (side-by-side).
  7. Click OK. The new asset begins uploading. Once processed, it will replace the current asset and become live.
  8. If the asset uses closed captions and the timing of the closed captions will be affected, click Upload and select a new closed captions file. The new closed captions begins uploading.