Setting Up the Cast Message Bus

Important: This topic contains older information and has been deprecated. For the latest information about Ooyala integration with Chromecast, see Chromecast Integration.

The Google Media namespace communicates media status objects to the sender application, and is the main communication bridge connecting the sender and receiver applications. The Cast message bus is one of the auxiliary communication bridges connecting the sender and receiver applications. All Chromecast applications must have this set up.

Note: This message bus is an auxiliary means of communication. The main communications are going through the cast media objects that implicitly use the namespace.

Set up the message bus to use the Google Cast Custom Channel namespace to pass through messages about player states and closed captions.

To establish a communications channel, use castReceiverManager.getCastMessageBus(window.namespace); Where window.namespace is a placeholder for your namespace. If you are using the Chromecast Integration applications (both sender and receiver) use the namespace urn:x-cast:ooyala. Using that namespace, you’ll be able to interact with the Ooyala V3 HTML5 player to parse published message bus and error events related to closed captions and player states.