Ingesting Closed Captions Using CSV Manifest Files

You can ingest closed caption files using CSV manifest files.

To ingest closed caption files using a CSV Manifest File:

  1. Create the CSV manifest file using the format described in Ingesting Closed Caption Files. For closed caption ingestion to occur, the first line of the CSV file must include the subTitle column heading. Optionally, specify subTitle:lang and / or subTitle:frameRate.
  2. Add a new line for each video you want to ingest. For each row where you want to include closed captions, under the subTitle column heading, specify the filename/URL where the closed caption file is located.
  3. Upload the closed caption file(s), the CSV manifest file, and any other files (such as videos) to the FTP/Web server.
  4. After the applicable files have been uploaded, upload the CSV metadata file you created to the FTP/Web server.
When all the files are uploaded, Backlot begins ingesting the files.