Creating a Facebook App

To enable passive sharing, you must create a Facebook app.

To create a new Facebook app:

  1. Open with a web browser.
  2. Log in and follow any basic configuration steps. The Apps page appears.
  3. Click Create New App. The Create New App dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the following app information and click Continue:
  5. Enter a name in the App Name field.
  6. Enter a namespace in the App Namespace field.
  7. Leave Web Hosting deselected unless you do not have your own domain.
  8. Follow any Facebook verification steps. The Basic settings page of the newly created app appears.
  9. Enter where the videos will be hosted in the App Domain field. Only videos on this domain can be used with this app.
  10. Select Video from the Category list box.
  11. Click the Website check mark and enter the URL of your home page.
  12. Click the Mobile Web check mark and enter the URL of your mobile home page.
  13. Click Save Changes. Facebook begins setting up your app.