Publishing a Video

Ooyala supports numerous ways to publish content. You can publish to YouTube, Boxee feeds, iPhone feeds, and so on, or embed a video on a web site.

To embed a video on a web site:

  1. Log in to the Backlot UI and select the MANAGE page.
  2. Select the video to embed and click the Embed tab.
  3. Select the desired encoding size of the video from the Size list box.
  4. If you want the video to automatically start when the web page is opened, select the Autoplay check box.
  5. If you want the video to automatically repeat after it completes, select the Auto repeat check box.
  6. Select Flash Embed Code, HTML(HTTPS) Embed Code, or Flash(HTTPS) Embed Code.
  7. Click Copy to Clipboard.
  8. Paste the content into a web page. When you paste the content, the link that src points to might start simply with //. If that is the case, write https: before the two slashes to get a valid link. If you do not have a web host for testing, you embed the content on various sites, such as