Channel General Setup

Use an informational name and description for general setup. Consider a channel naming convention policy to more easily track the channels you create.

General Setup Workflow

Important: The settings during the initial Ooyala Live account configuration determine which packaging and encoding options are available. The options you select determine some of the options that appear on the following pages. This example follows the channel setup when the Ooyala Package is selected as the Packaging Partner.
Tip: In general you'll be required to include a slate when creating a channel. To read more about slates, see Slates.
  1. Log in to your Ooyala Live account.
  2. Go to the Channels tab.
  3. Click Add Channel.
    General Setup Page Considerations
    Live Channel General Setup Page
    Note: The initial Ooyala Live account configuration constrains your choices when creating channels.
    • If you are going to have several channels, the best practice is to establish a meaningful naming convention for the Channel Name and Channel Description.
    • Channel Type choose 24x7, ad-hoc, or High Availability.
    • The Packing Partner and Encoding Partner choices are dynamically linked. Dynamically linked means that the Encoding Partner changes depending on your Packing Partner selection.
    Video Player
    • VR360 Event—select VR360 to enable your live channel to stream VR360 video. Streaming flat video on a VR360 enabled channel is not recommended; however, it won't generate any errors.
    Important: How your Ooyala Live account was configured determines the available choices for Packaging Partner. For this example we are using the Ooyala Package.
  4. Click NEXT STEP.
    The next task is completing the Encoding Setup. Click any of the steps below to read more about that part of channel setup.