Channel Syndication Setup

Ooyala Live supports syndication of live video to several social media video platforms.

Any prerequisites for completing the task.
Live Channel Syndication Setup
Complete the Syndication Setup page and click Next Step.
General Setup Page Considerations
  • Live Syndication only works with the Ooyala Package as the Packaging Partner and Ooyala Encode as the Encoding Partner.
  • A channel must be stopped to enable syndication.
  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is not supported by Ooyala Live syndication to social media.
  • Enabling social media syndication does not start syndicating the stream. You must click start next to an enabled social media stream to start syndicating to a social media platform.
  • Anything streaming on the channel is syndicated to any social media that has been enabled and is running. Schedules and events don't impact what is being syndicated.
  • Ad-hoc channels that have scheduled events automatically stop 30 minutes after the last scheduled event. Any syndication that is running on the ad-hoc channel is stopped when the channel is stopped.
  • Syndication to a 24x7 channel runs continuously until the syndication stream is stopped or the channel is stopped. Facebook enforces a 240 minute maximum time limit for live syndication.
  • You can enable syndication to social media as part of creating a new channel.
  • You don't need stop your channel to stop and start syndicating a social media stream. Once your social media is enabled, you can start and stop syndicating to each social media stream without stopping your channel.
The final step to creating a channel is Create Channel. Click any of the steps below to read more about them.