Swap High Availability (HA) Channels

Swap sub-channels of an HA channel without stopping any of the channels

You must have at least 2 channels, either 24x7 or Adhoc, configured.
To swap channels within an HA channel all channels must be in the same state. For hot swapping a channel all the the channels must be in a running state.
Considerations when swapping sub-channels:
  • If you are using DRM enabled channels, both sub-channels must use the same DRM packaging output profile.
  • In order to preserve scheduled HA events when swapping out subchannles, there can't be any events scheduled in the future on the channel you are swapping into the HA channel.
  1. Got to the Channel Details page for the HA channel.

  2. Click the edit icon next to the sub-channels.
  3. Click the dropdown list for the channel you want to swap.
    Important: The top dropdown list is the Priority 1 channel and the second dropdown list is the Priority 2 channel.

    All channels available for swapping are listed for both the Priority 1 and the Priority 2 channel.

  4. Click SAVE.
Go to the monitor tab of the HA channel and verify that the channel was swapped and the correct one is playing.
Tip: If the new sub-channel isn't playing in the HA Channel monitor window, click REFRESH.
  • The Priority 1 sub-channel streams the content of the HA channel.
  • The Priority 2 sub-channel is in a warm standby mode in case the Priority 1 sub-channel fails.
Important: Swapping out a sub-channel does not stop the channel. To avoid transcoding charges, stop any channel that is no longer one of the HA sub-channels that you need.