Add an Event

Use the Events page to schedule the recording of segments from a channel's live stream for archiving and playback at a later time and date as a video on demand (VOD) asset.

Events are created within schedules.

  • Ad-hoc Auto Start Channel—We try to automatically start any ad-hoc channel 30 minutes prior to a scheduled event if the channel is stopped.
  • Ad-hoc Channels With Future Events—Ooyala Live tries to start stopped ad-hoc channels automatically 30 minutes prior to scheduled events.
  • Ad-hoc Channels Without Future Events—Ad-hoc channels are automatically stopped after an event state is stopped and there are no events schedule within the next 30 minutes.
  • Extend Event End Time—You can edit the End Time of an event while it is running to extend the event.
  • Add Time Before Auto-Trim—When you schedule an event, you can add more time before auto trimming starts. This gives you additional time to manually select what you want to be trimmed and archived.
  1. Log in to Ooyala Live and go to the EVENTS tab.
  2. Click ADD EVENT.
    Add Event Dialog Considerations
    Add event dialog
    Understanding Add Event
    • Event Name—It is recommended that you use a naming convention so that you can quickly identify or search on a unique event.
    • Event Description—Include details that help to uniquely identify this event.
    • Starts on and Stops on—The dates that the actual linear stream will be available to any player that uses the embed code for the event. Once the event starts it can take a little time before the stream actually becomes available for the end user to see the playback. The start and stop dates are constrained by time limit of an event.
    • From and To—Adjust the start and stop time as needed. The maximum length for an event is 8 hours.
      Tip: If you're not sure how much time you need to capture an event, add several minutes to the beginning and end of the time you want to capture. If the event ends early, you can stop the event from the EVENTS summary page.
    • Schedule—Add your event to one of the listed schedules.
    • Channel—You will see the default channel for the schedule associated with the event, but you can select any available channel.
      Important: You can schedule an event on a stopped channel; however, if the channel doesn't start before a scheduled event, the event will fail.
    • SHOW ADVANCED—Click to display the Advanced Options dialog.
    • ADD—Click to add the event to the selected schedule.
    • ADD&START NOW—Click to add the event to the selected schedule and immediately start the event.
    Add an Event to HA Channel
    • Use the embed code to broadcast the event as a remote asset.
    • Ad-hoc channel auto-start is not supported for HA channels.

    Event advanced options dialog

    Archive and Trim Events
    • Enable Archive—The check box is selected (checked) by default. This means you are creating a VOD asset. If you do not want an archive to be available, deselect this option. Events that are not archived are available for broadcasting for a limited period of time.
    • Trim—Select Trim to indicate that the archive will not be available to play until it has been trimmed. You can let it automatically trim to the size of the available buffer, or go to the monitor tab of the event to trim the video segment yourself. Trimming removes content from the beginning and end of the video segment. The event is available for trimming immediately after the event ends. Trimming is done before the video segment is transcoded or archived. Trimming is only available for archive enabled events.
      • Add Time Before Auto-Trim:

        Add more time before an event is automatically trimmed. The amount of extra time you can add is constrained by the length of your event. The default auto-trim time is the event duration plus 1 hour.

        The maximum amount of time that you can add is 11 hours for an event less than or equal to 1 hour. For an 8 hour event you can add a maximum of 4 hours before auto trimming starts.

      • Important: The maximum amount of time you can extend the auto-trim start time is constrained by the duration of the event.

        (event duration) + (more time to auto-trim) + (default time before auto-trim) = (time before auto-trim)

               (4:00:00) + (4:00:00) + (1:00:00) = 9:00:00 

        For an event with the maximum duration of 8 hours, you can extend the time to auto-trim by 4 hours maximum.

    • Thumbnail Url—If you did select to create an archive, you can add a thumbnail for preview by providing the Thumbnail Url.
    Video Player
    • VR360 Event—If you want to archive an event to create a VOD asset, you must select VR360 Event.
      Important: You must have a VR360 transcoding profile in your Backlot account to archive VR360 events.
    • Extract Captions—Only available for archive enabled events. After the VOD asset is in Backlot, captions are uploaded and associated with the event's Embed Code which is the same as the VOD asset’s Content ID.

    Advanced options non-archived event

    Non-archived Events
    • You can specify how long the event is available for playback by updating the Hours and Minutes in the Advanced Options dialog. The maximum allowable persistence of a non-archived event is 24 hours (1440 minutes).
      Tip: Enable Archive must not be selected to allow you to set the hours and minutes the event will be available for playback.
    • VR360—You don't need to enable VR360 for non-archived events.
  3. Click ADD.