Add Event to High Availability (HA) Channel

Events can be viewed as a remote asset for a limited amount of time, or events can be saved as a VOD asset for rebroadcasting.

There are some unique considerations for creating events on an HA channel.
  • For an HA channel event, the longest event time recorded by a sub-channel is used to create the Ooyala Backlot asset. This ensures that the most complete event is used for creating Backlot assets from HA channels.
Tip: The Embed Code for an archived Ooyala Live Event is equivalent to the Ooyala Backlot asset's Content ID.
  1. Log in to Ooyala Live and go to the EVENTS tab.
  2. Click ADD EVENT.
  3. Select the HA channel.

  4. Enter a name for the event, a description, and set the date and time of the event.

  6. Click Trim to enable manual trimming of the event.
    • Enable Archive must be selected if you want to save the event as a Backlot asset.
    • Select Trim to be able to trim the event from the HA Monitor page.

  7. Click ADD.

You have a limited time to manually trim an event before it is automatically trimmed by Ooyala Live. When the event Status is Pending and the Broadcast Status is Trimming, you can manually trim the event from the EVENTS MONITOR page.

Go to the MONITOR page for the event your want to trim.

  1. Click TRIM ASSET.
  2. Drag the ends of the blue box to select the portion of the event you want to save.
  3. Click APPLY.

Ooyala Live transcodes and uploads the selected video as an asset in the Backlot account associated with the Live account.