Add a Schedule

Create schedules to manage live events. View existing schedules from the Schedules page. You must have at least 1 channel to be able to create a schedule.

Schedule Considerations

  • Schedules contain events.
  • You must create a schedule before you can create events.
  • Schedules must have a default channel. The default channel for a schedule can't be a High Availability (HA) channel.
  • One schedule can be used for multiple channels.

Add a Schedule

  1. Go to the SCHEDULES tab.
  2. Click ADD SCHEDULE.
  3. Enter the Schedule Name.
  4. Select the Default Channel.
  5. Click ADD.
    • View a Schedule

      Hover over the CONTENT cell, and click VIEW SCEDULE DETAILS.

    • Create an Event

      Add events to this schedule, see "Add an Event."