Syndicate Live Video to Twitch

Syndicate live video to Twitch with just the stream key and RTMP URL.

Before You Start

You need to know the Stream Key and RTMP URL for the account you want to syndicate to.

Find Twitch Stream Key

  • Enter the following URL in a browsers.

    Replace "yourusername" with the user name for your Twitch account.

  • Log in with your Twitch crendentials.
  • Follow the prompts to get the "Stream Key."
  • Be sure to copy and save the "Stream Key."

Find Twitch RTMP URL

  • Enter the following URL in a browser.

    This is a list of the ingest servers or RTMP URLs for Twittter.

  • Copy and save the RTMP URL geographically nearest to you.
Here are some considerations about Live Syndication:
  • Live Syndication only works with the Ooyala Package as the Packaging Partner and Ooyala Encode as the Encoding Partner.
  • A channel must be stopped to enable syndication.
  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is not supported by Ooyala Live syndication to social media.

Twitch Tab View

Twitch Syndication

Configure Twitch Syndication

  1. Log in to the Live UI.
  2. Click CHANNELS.
  3. Hover over the channel's type, and click VIEW CHANNEL DETAILS.
  5. Expand Twitch.
  6. Check Enabled.
  7. Enter the Stream Key.
  8. Enter the RTMP URL.
  9. Click SAVE. Twitch is now configured. To start syndicating to Twitch, you need to start the channel and the Twitch syndication stream.
  10. To start the channel, click START in the upper left of your browser.

    Ooyala Live configures the channel for syndication to all enabled social media. This may take several minutes.
  11. Click the play button for Twitch, Play button. to start syndicating to Twitch.