Migrating from YuMe to VPAID Ad Source

YuMe now uses the VPAID OPF module for Flash players. You need to migrate all of your content using the YuMe ad source to the VPAID ad source. To do this:

VPAID must be enabled on your account. If VPAID is not enabled, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

YuMe is now a third party provider of ads that will use Backlot VPAID modules.

The following steps must be completed for all ad sets with YuMe set as the ad source:

  1. Log into Backlot.
  2. Click the Monetization tab.
  3. Click on a YuMe Ad Set (YuMe set as the ad source).
  4. Go to your first YuMe ad.
  5. Copy all the metadata for your ad to an easily accessible document. Warning: Your metadata will be deleted when you change your ad source.
  6. For each ad within the Ad Set, select ‘VPAID OPF’ from the Ad Source drop down menu.
  7. Enter the necessary metadata you saved earlier into the necessary fields.
  8. Repeat on all ad sets with YuMe set as the ad source.