Enabling TV Ratings for Android Assets

Use the following steps to enable TV ratings for an Android video.
  1. Configure your movies with the proper custom metadata in the Backlot UI. See the following topics for information about this step:
  2. Create a FCCTVRatingConfiguration object to outline the parameters that configure how FCC Ratings are shown.
  3. Create an Options object to use when configuring the OoyalaPlayer.
  4. Initialize the OoyalaPlayerViewController and add the Options object as a parameter.
  5. Use the setEmbedCode method and play the asset to see the TV ratings appear as configured in your FCCTVRatingsConfiguration object.

The follow code example is the result of the above steps:

FCCTVRatingConfiguration.Builder builder = new
  FCCTVRatingConfiguration tvRatingConfiguration =
  Options options = new      
  OoyalaPlayerLayoutController playerLayoutController = new
  OoyalaPlayerLayoutController( playerLayout, PCODE, new
    PlayerDomain(DOMAIN), DefaultControlStyle.AUTO, null, options);