Implementing Performance Monitoring For iOS Apps

If you would like to generate statistical reports on the performance of your application, you can use the OOPerformanceMonitor API.

  1. Add the following import statement to your code:
    #import <OoyalaSDK/OOPerformanceMonitor.h>
  2. Create an OOPerformanceMonitor property:
    @property (nonatomic) OOPerformanceMonitor *perf;
  3. Instantiate your OOPerformanceMonitor using the getStandardMonitor API:
    self.perf = [OOPerformanceMonitor getStandardMonitor];
  4. (Optional) To retrieve buffering metrics:
    self.perf = [OOPerformanceMonitorBuilder getStandardMonitor];
  5. (Optional) To track all ad switching:
    self.perf = [OOPerformanceMonitorBuilder getStandardAdsMonitor];
See the OOPerformanceStatisticsSnapshot API for information about the statistics you can retrieve.