Working with Your Own Ad Assets, Ad Sets, and Ad Sources

This material includes how to create ad sets in Backlot and how to integrate with ad sources.

Ads can come from a variety of sources, such as from your own assets on Backlot or from other ad sources. The term ad source refers to any system that returns a valid ad response, including ad servers and ad managers, as well as ad networks and exchanges.

You can create as many ad sets as you like, but each player will work with only one ad set. You can assign any number of ad tags and ad sets programmatically on your webpage as long as each of them is assigned to different players on the same webpage.

The general process for working with ad sets is as follows.

  1. If you are working with your own ads, get your video file(s) in order to upload to Backlot.
  2. If you are working with an ad source partner, get configuration details from them, such as identifying keys, codes, or passwords. You need these details to configure Backlot.
  3. In Backlot, create an ad set for your own material or for each ad source partner, relying on the configuration details you obtained above.
  4. Associate the ad set with an asset.
  5. At run time, if desired, pass ad-source-specific parameters to the ad source, for targeting or other needs. For further information on ad parameters, see Ads Embedded Parameter Overview.
Note: For Ooyala Backlot-hosted ads (ad source set to "My Ads"), in-stream and mid-roll ads are not currently supported. Do not select "In-Stream" or "mid-roll" as an ad position for ad sets with Ad Source set to "My Ads."