Debugging Player V4

General tips for how to debug Player V4 are described below.

  • One of things you can do to debug Player V4 is watch debug messages and message bus events in the JS debug console. For that you can set the debug player parameter to true and watch events from the message bus. See the code sample below:
        OO.ready(function() {
                    window.pp = OO.Player.create('container', 'YOUR_ASSET_ID', {
                                playerBrandingId: "pbid",
                                pcode: "pcode",
                                layout: "chromeless",
                                debug: true,
                                // other params
                                onCreate: function(player) {
                                    player.mb.subscribe('*', 'test', function(event) {
                                        if (!event.match(/playheadTime/)) {
                                            console.log("VTC: " + event + JSON.stringify(arguments, null, '\t'));
  • To make debugging easier, point to the unminified versions of the player and modules. For example, Minified: versus Unminified: