Configuring Player Channel Settings for Flash Player V3 (Deprecated)

Use the Backlot UI to configure the look and feel of a player when used with channels in Backlot. You can mimic the look used for videos or you can make changes.

Note: Channels and channel sets have been deprecated and are scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

To configure channel settings for a player:

  1. Log in to the Backlot UI. The Backlot UI opens.
  2. Open the PUBLISH page.
  3. Click the Player Branding tab.
  4. Select a player.
  5. Select the Channel & Channel Set Options tab (video assets only).
  6. Select the top gradient color. The top gradient color fades from the color you specify to the accent color that you specified on the previous tab.
  7. Select a color scheme from the Video List Color Scheme list box.
  8. Select Display options, including the whether the video description, video length, and Ooyala branding appears.