Creating a Player in Backlot

You can create and configure as many players as you want in Backlot. You can associate a player with as many videos as you want. For Player V3, you can also associate a player with audio assets, channels, or channel sets.

Note: This functionality applies to Ooyala Player V4 and Player V3 (Deprecated).

To create a player:

  1. Log into Backlot:
  2. Choose the PUBLISH tab.
  3. Choose the Player Branding tab.
  4. In the Player Selection tab, select the version of the player that you want to create:
    Note: If you are new to Ooyala after May 1, 2017, only Player V4 is available by default. If you need access to Player V3 functionality, contact your Ooyala representative.
    • Player - V4
    • Player - V3
    The selected player version determines which options are available to configure in Backlot.
  5. Choose + New to add a new player. Backlot adds a new player to the list using the default settings.
  6. Select the new player.
  7. On the Player subtab, edit the Player Name.
  8. To change other player settings, see Configuring a Player in Backlot and Configuring Player Embed Settings in Backlot.