Setting the Ooyala Player Token

The Backlot UI provides you with an option to secure your content by setting a Syndication group flag adding your content assets to this syndication group. This will enable you to set up your web page to run your player(s), and send the authorization token. (Available only if your Ooyala account includes the Ooyala Player Token. To enable this functionality, contact your account manager.)

Securing Playback Content with the Ooyala Player Token

Follow these steps to secure your content in Backlot:

  1. Log in to your Backlot account.
  2. Click the PUBLISH tab, and select the Syndication Controls tab.
  3. Select a video from a syndication group, or set up a syndication group and then select your video.
  4. In the Syndication Controls pane, click the Require Ooyala Player Token checkbox.
  5. (Optional) In the Expiration field, set the expiration time (in seconds) for the viewing session. If you do not specify a time, the recommended default of ten minutes is used. The field only accepts numeric entries (for example, 600). You may set a longer expiration time for the token if you prefer, since the Same Origin Policy protects its distribution. For more information about the expiration time, see Ooyala Player Token Expiration.
  6. Click the MANAGE tab, and select the Embed tab.
  7. Click the Copy button to get the player JavaScript <script> tag to paste into your web page. This content must be in the syndication group in which you specified the Ooyala Player Token as a required option.