Syndication to Facebook

You can syndicate content in Backlot to a Facebook page by setting up the syndication feed in Backlot, then logging in to the appropriate Facebook account and authorizing Ooyala to publish automatically from Backlot.

To create a syndication feed from Backlot to Facebook, see Setting Up Syndication to Facebook. If you are unsure about your account setup or need other help, contact Ooyala Technical Support.

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About Syndication

You can create one or more syndication feeds to automatically publish content to Facebook. To authorize Ooyala, you will log in with the appropriate Facebook account, and must then grant Ooyala the requested publish and manage permissions. Once authorized, you can specify the syndication destination page on Facebook.

Note: Previously it was possible to publish videos also to a user's Facebook timeline, events, and groups. However, Facebook has recently deprecated the support for these destination types and only Facebook pages are currently supported.

For Facebook syndication (that is, exporting videos to Facebook), Backlot automatically uploads the source files of videos directly to Facebook, which handles all transcoding and the generation of preview images. Syndication to Facebook is "one-way": your settings and content on Backlot are pushed to Facebook, but settings and content on Facebook are not pulled to Backlot. Facebook requires that syndication feed authorization be renewed every 60 days. Admin users for the Backlot account will receive an email alerting them to renew their Facebook authorization for the syndication feed prior to the expiry date.

Backlot supports associating a Facebook account with one syndication feed. Likewise, a syndication feed can be associated with only one Facebook account at a time. However, you can swap out the Facebook account associated with a syndication feed by removing the link between it and a Backlot syndication feed, and then authorizing a different Facebook account for the syndication feed.

Note: When you syndicate videos to Facebook, each video may be assigned a Facebook video ID. The video and its unique ID are linked. You cannot change this ID or give an uploaded video a new ID. Changes you make in Backlot to your video metadata (title and description) do not have any impact on this video ID.  Only uploading a new video triggers the creation of an associated video ID with that asset.

Privacy Settings

Videos syndicated to Facebook in Backlot are public in Facebook. However, as usual you can mark videos as public or private within Facebook and Backlot will not override that. Changes you make in Backlot to the title or description do not overwrite the Facebook privacy setting as we synchronize just these changes with the uploaded video.

Limits on Size and Duration of Videos

There is a limit on the size and duration of videos files that you syndicate to Facebook. As required by Facebook, Backlot uploads only video assets that are 1.75 gigabytes or lesser in size and 45 minutes or lesser in duration.

Labels in Facebook Syndication

Syndication to a Facebook account allows you to automatically synchronize content in your syndicated channel with Facebook. You need to understand how applying labels works with syndication to Facebook to avoid potential issues. The following table describes the actions Backlot takes when you use labels in the Publish tab, External Publishing subtab.
If you... Then...
Select All content, Backlot uploads all videos with or without labels to Facebook.
Select Add Labels,

Backlot uploads all videos marked with the specified labels to Facebook.

Caution: If you already have videos uploaded with no labels, and you select this option, the videos without labels are deleted in Facebook.

Select Add Labels and later select All content, Backlot uploads the videos with labels to Facebook. Then, when All content is selected, Backlot uploads any content without a label.
Select All content and later select Add Labels, Backlot uploads all videos with and without labels to Facebook. When Add Labels is selected Backlot deletes any existing prior videos without the label and adds videos with the labels.
Remove a Label (in Backlot or by editing the feed itself) Deletes all videos with that label from the Facebook account. Even if the video has more than one label, if you delete one label associated with that video, the video is deleted from the Facebook account. This means that any analytics data formerly associated with the videos is also lost.

Choosing Other Facebook Accounts for Syndication

While Backlot does let you associate a syndication feed with a Facebook account different from the one that was used when setting up the feed with another one of your accounts, once you do so you cannot modify the original videos that you uploaded to Facebook using the previous account. When you switch accounts, all videos uploaded on the previous account stay on Facebook but they will be un-managed. These videos (and any new videos) will be uploaded separately from Backlot to the other Facebook account and will have new video IDs.

If you need to associate an existing Backlot syndication to Facebook with one of your other accounts:

  1. In Backlot open the Publish tab, then the External Publishing subtab.
  2. In Associate Feed with Facebook select Remove Authorization. This removes the existing account associated with Facebook in Backlot. NOTE: You will see a pop-up message noting that “You will not be able to delete or modify videos in your existing Facebook account if you switch to another.”
  3. Select the syndication that you want to associate with your new Facebook account.
  4. Click Authorize to associate that syndication with your other Facebook account.

Content Replacement in Facebook Syndication

Facebook itself is designed such that you cannot directly replace the content of a previously uploaded (or syndicated) video. Only new video content is assigned a new identifier (Facebook video ID) by Facebook. If you want to remove syndicated videos uploaded to Facebook and replace them, you need to delete them from within Facebook or use the Backlot remove labels option to delete them. All uploaded content will be assigned new Facebook video IDs.

Note: Deleting videos automatically removes all titles, descriptions, labels, and analytics data associated with the deleted videos.

For bulk content replacement in a syndication, you must delete the videos in Facebook, replace the content in your Backlot syndication, and follow the steps to upload the new syndicated assets to Facebook. Each new asset will have a unique Facebook identifier.