Syndication with Roku Feed (Deprecated)

Update: This Roku feed (MRSS-based) is deprecated. It is recommended to use the Roku Direct Publisher feed option instead, which is based on Roku's preferred JSON format.

As of October, 2013, before you can syndicate to Roku from Backlot, Roku requires that you first create your own channel on the Roku site. Roku's requirements, processes, information, and other resources for setting up a channel are at the following locations:
Note: If you created your Backlot syndication with Roku prior to October, 2013, no additional work is required. Your syndication should continue to function as before.

If you need assistance from Ooyala in creating your Roku channels, contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager to discuss the work needed from Ooyala's Professional Services Group.

To create a syndication with Roku Feed:
  1. Log in to the Backlot UI. The Backlot UI opens.
  2. Open the PUBLISH page.
  3. Click the External Publishing subtab.
  4. From the list box on the left, select publishing type Roku Feed and click New. A new syndication is created.
  5. If desired, change the name of the syndication.
  6. If desired, change the description of the syndication.
  7. In the Hosted At box, enter the root URL from which your content is served, for example, or
  8. To specify which content is syndicated, if this syndication is for all your content, click All content. Otherwise, click Add Labels and select one or more labels.
Changes take effect immediately, and the syndication is created. The feed can be accessed at the URL shown in Your Feed URL.